Kris Jenner Grants Us With The Glimpse Of Her $9.9 Million Peaceful And Stylish Hidden Hills Property

Date August 5, 2019 10:58

What a luxury to be an A-lister! Kris Jenner dropped $9.9 million for purchasing a new Hidden Hills property. Back in 2017, she realized life needed something new and she did not spare her fortune to buy a dreamlike place for living.

It seems to us that $10 million is an enormous price for the house, but it is nothing to Kris Jenner as she reportedly has earned $150 million on her family's reality show.

Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills home

The 9,400 square foot house includes six bedrooms, eight bathrooms with a zero-edge pool and 10 person spa. The house is believed to be located across the street from her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The master living room is already our favorite spot! The design is so relaxing and cool with the amazing white sofa and light-brown armchairs. The place is spacey and Jenner admits she feels super relaxed there.

Kris refers to her house "calm" every single time she talks about her shelter because peace is something "she needs" in her life. The another 'living room' contains almost the same sofa and beige armchairs, where all the family and friends love to gather, according to the owner's words.

The kitchen is bright and spacey, too. It features white, black, and gray colors, which tend to create a unique interior look.

Surely, the big family always has a huge dining room and Kris Jenner isn't an exception. She showcased a location in a gray, brown, gold, black, and white design, which we also like very much.

Jenner's bedroom seems a bit demure for us — yet, something is enchanting about it. The bed itself features beige colors and the room has white nightstands which are made of brown wood. The interior looks complete with a chic white carpet and white curtains.

Although Kris Jenner has built an empire living in the constant public eye, her personal shelter was designed solely for peaceful repose, not television drama.