Camilla, The Queen: Prince Charles Will Do Everything For His Wife To "Adopt Her Rightful Title" When He Ascends The Throne, Royal Expert Claims

Date June 20, 2019

It's no wonder Prince Charles is going to be the King down the line. At first, Princess Diana was side by side with him, but after her death, the role of the wife was transferred to Camilla Parker Bowles. 

It was reported before that Duchess Camilla will become Princess Consort when Prince Charles takes the throne. So yeah, it's basically like the President and his First Lady.


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The future King and Queen

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have been together for 14 years. Surely, the two are slowly preparing to become the leading royal couple. 

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter firmly believes Camilla Parker Bowles will undoubtedly receive the official title of the Queen just because the Prince of Wales will insist on it.


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The title 'The Duchess of Cornwall' was adopted of sensitivity to Princess Diana. However, Arbeiter speculates Prince Charles will do anything for his now-wife Camilla to "adopt her rightful title."


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The royal expert cannot deny the idea of a strong bond between her and the Prince.

Camilla’s proven she brings out the very best in Charles and she will be a valuable support system when he eventually assumes the role for which he is destined.


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It is also necessary to note that Duchess Camilla still faces criticism and hatred due to the alleged love triangle between her, Diana, and Charles, so the title of the Queen might cause raised eyebrows.

Does Camilla deserve such a title?

According to veteran reporter Jennie Bond, the Duchess of Cornwall undoubtedly "should be the Queen" as she "deserves that place and that respect" throughout the years.

If your husband is King then you’re Queen, quite frankly ... I think she should be Queen when he becomes King.


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Though the British royals have a warm attitude and acceptance toward Duchess Camilla, a plethora of Princess Diana's admirers would be really outraged. What do you think?