Prince Harry Isn't The Same After Marrying Meghan Markle: The Royal Photographer Pointed Out The Staggering Difference

Date October 3, 2018

Marriage changes a man beyond recognition. Responsibilities give a new overview of life. Royals aren't immune to this change, either. We'd say it's more intense for them, as they even get new titles. Here's to Pince Harry, as he is running along the new tides!

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Prince's rebellious past is now gone

The Duke of Sussex did have a lawless youth to swirl media around him. His scandalous nights of partying and vacations were always on the front page.

For years Prince Harry kept smoking and drinking his life away. He was called 'The Party Prince' until he met the marvelous Meghan.

The world has been enchanted by the romance between him and Meghan ever since the couple went public in late 2016. The Duke has flipped his personality entirely. He now starts the day with a light yoga workout and green juices. He smokes less, drinks less, and has also lost weight.

We suspect that might have been Meghan who wiped out his cupboards of any unhealthy foods. We bet nutritious beverages and snacks are right up his alley!

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He is different in public now

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards did a synopsis on Prince's behavior as a married person. He has gone through a massive transformation. The old Harry is gone. Now, he casually protects his wife like a real man. 


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Mr. Edwards who has been following the royals for the last 44 years, capturing every moment, told Yahoo!:

He’s become more distant and aloof to press media. Always being protective of Meghan. He is certainly the Duke of Sussex now.

Well, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are yearning for some privacy. Dear paparazzi, get a hint! 

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Meghan's remarks about her husband

After a month of marriage, she only had kind things to say about her significant other. In the summer interview, Meghan Markle opened up to Time:

I'm really enjoying the wonderful married life. Prince Harry is the Best Husband Ever.

The Prince charming, Harry has become even more charming. Share if you agree!

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