Stormy Daniels Hits It Hard On Donald Trump's Ego As She Claims He's Not Smart Enough To Even Save Himself

Date October 9, 2018

No, it's not over yet! Payments of thousands of dollars couldn't muffle the sound of truth. Stormy Daniels is now back for Donald Trump to evidently fulfill her promise of taking him down for good.

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Sending out her message through a new medium

Stormy Daniels has vowed to tell the whole story of her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Her newly released book, Full Disclosure, is an account of how Stormy became the central figure of Donald Trump's presidency. Perhaps, we would also know the ending, which can be a surprise to her, as much as to anyone else's.

She revealed to Independent News:

I know that the deck has been stacked against me. However, I own my story and the choices that I made. They may not be the ones you would have made, but I stand by them.

She is sticking to her statements, no matter what, sending her message through a written channel. Fingers crossed!

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Her bold interview

Stormy didn't hold back a thing while talking about her association with Mr. Trump. She was aggressively fierce, but somehow, calm-minded about exposing the U.S. President. 


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During the interview with Liz Hayes, she said that Donald Trump "isn't smart enough to run scared" to even save himself. His current condition is to be "an egotistical lunatic."

Her choice of words was bold and sharp. No one can judge this matter fairly, but his actions have inspired her enough to write a book. All we wonder is whether she would be able to stand this tall all along her legal battle with Mr. Trump!

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Public's support

Stormy's candid, funny and daring side twisted the case even more. It made her story more relatable and truthful. Social media users have supported her accusations so far.

Her objections may not be proved yet, but she is approved now. Please, share your opinions in the comments below!

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