Devastated Michael Buble Recalled How His World Had Crumbled Down To Nothing After Son's Diagnosis

Date October 5, 2018

Illnesses affect a person tremendously. Altering their physical and mental state. But it takes a different toll on the parents of a sufferer. They are left scared, exhausted and heartbroken. Michael Buble shares the same tale of despair as he tried to recollect the memory of his son's diagnosis.

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Recalling his son diagnosis and battle

In 2016, Michael's son, Noah was tested positive for liver cancer. For seven months, his family didn't leave Noah's side in the hospital. He received multiple chemotherapies. Michael devoted all his time to his son in getting better, ceasing all professional activities.


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All this time, Michael wished to take his son's place and have this suffering inflicted on himself instead. The family made a joint statement:

We will win this battle.

But the fine spring of 2017 came and with that, his son has recovered. His wife, Lousiana Lopilato, 31 and him were given a new breath of life when their baby finally survived.


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Talking to the Herald Sun, the superstar said:

I have been to hell. I truly thought I would never make music again. Family matters the most. The health of my children is No.1 on my list.


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How it changed Michael? 

After two years since his son’s diagnosis, he has completely transformed his outlook on life. He has quit social media altogether and vows to never read news or reviews about him. He is now disgusted by the negative side of Hollywood when they were deprived of privacy during such a difficult time. 


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He coldly expressed to Honey Nine,

Part of this clarity is that I don't want to do ego or the narcissistic part of this business anymore. I can't stomach it anymore. I know that life is too short.


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Michael Bublé & his wife Luisana Lopilato fell harder in love this time again. Their approach to life is now more humble and appreciative. The high tides of water have truly cleansed them and gave them new eyes to see the world. Loving life a little more!

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Blessed with a baby girl

Last July, Michael, and Lousiana were blessed with a daughter, Vida. They were happy beyond words as his beautiful wife said:

How to explain when our heart explodes with love? There are not enough hours in a day to elaborate it. 


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Life has really given them, chance after chance after the tragedy that they had battled fiercely. Don't forget to share this happy ending and continuation!

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