Richard Engel And His Wife Opened Up About Son's Agonizing Battle With Rett Syndrome And Presented Their Positive Approach Towards His Condition

Date October 4, 2018

Parents aim to give their children the best possible life. But what if they had to struggle to give them even a normal life. Sounds heartbreaking, doesn't it? Such is the crippling despair of Mr. Engel's family whose son is going through a rare illness.

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His son's painful medical discovery

Engel and his wife, Mary Forrest, realized there is something wrong with their son, Henry. Even when he aged 2 years, he had no chance at walking. He wasn't able to clap his hands together or sit up right on his own. The concerned parents got him checked by every possible doctor.

The chief journalist at NBC News, Richard Engel was in South Korea when he got the shocking results of a genetic test for his sweet toddler. The doctors had found a disease that was lifelong, chronic, and incurable. He opened up to TODAY News, expressing:

I was in a state of complete shock. I got back into this convoy, shivering. It was the worst day of my entire life.

Pretty baby, Henry was diagnosed with a genetic brain disorder, called Rett syndrome. It is normally observed in girls. This rare occurrence truly shattered Richard's and Mary's spirit!

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Hopeful parents

They are doing everything in their power to cope with Henry's condition. His special needs cause them heartache, but the family is still optimistic. Henry needs to be carried around all the time. He is to be lifted in and out of his bed and anywhere else he wants to go.

Mary's voice broke when she revealed how she feels:

I know it’s healthy for Henry to go to the playground. He likes seeing the other kids. He needs to socialize, but the parents. I’m sitting there, fearing someone will ask how old is he? So, I try to avoid eye contact, Wondering What am I going to say, ‘Yes, he’s 3 and, no, he doesn’t walk or talk?'

Richard and his wife want Henry to touch and feel at least. This feeling is truly sinister!

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Henry's is a happy boy

His parents' efforts have somehow played a great part in his joyous overlook on life. Henry is a smiley boy who responds with excited expressions. Apart from his incapabilities, he is a healthy young fella.

Henry goes for physical and speech therapy regularly. Now, some new science is also assisting him to walk with helping equipment. He communicates via picture cards

We wish the parents strength and the lovely boy a healthy life experience despite his disorder. Please share and join this prayer for the beautifully strong family!

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