The Duchess Of Cornwall’s Son Was Sent To Boarding School At Age 7: Gives Intriguing Remarks About His Mother

Date September 18, 2018

We all know that despite being steeped in traditions, the British monarchy is somehow distinctively modern. Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in the year 2005 and proved it so.

The Duchess of Cornwall had two children previously, with her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles. She became an honored stepmother to Harry and William, and Prince Charles became both a godfather and a stepfather to Tom Parker Bowles and Lisa Lopes.


Tom Parker Bowles - who is he?

The eldest son of Camilla, Tom Parker Bowles, 43, is a successful author of five cookbooks, regularly judges on reality shows and in culinary competitions. He works as a restaurant critic to The Mail on Sunday and also is a contributing food journalist to Esquire.


Boarding school - a traumatic experience

Reminiscing about his pleasant childhood, he revealed candidly to The Times that when his daughter had turned seven, he reminded his mother:

You had sent me away eight months after this.

Camilla reportedly said, she’d never do it again, on which Tom added:

But it was the thing you did.

However, he affirmed that the Duchess was as appalled as him about the whole thing and often regrets parting and sending him off to boarding school. Well, such schools dread everyone equally, even the Royals.

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'Wonderful Camilla'

While speaking during an interview about his life 9 News Australia, his mother, and being the stepson of the Prince of Wales, he revealed Camilla to be incredibly hard working and close to her children. She makes everyone happy through her presence.


She evidently isn't the typical stepmother we had known many to be as Prince Harry himself calls her 'Wonderful Camilla'. 


This could be her publicized title after all. 

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