Grandma Of The Year: Goldie Hawn Already Bought A Special Gift For Kate Hudson's Future Daughter


Baby girl got some good hugs from Papa Tyler this weekend 💝 @iamstevent @misslivalittle 📷

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Grandma of the year

Goldie Hawn is no stranger to having grandkids. Her son Oliver has three children, while currently pregnant Kate is a proud mom of two. The 72-year-old actress has always cherished her family above all, which is why she loves being surrounded by children. 



There's a baby in all of us!! Love my funny Grand!!!

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Kate admires her mom immensely, and she's the one who taught the 39-year-old how to balance career and personal life.

I always remember my mom saying there's only one thing in life she refused to fail at: raising her children.



Me and my baby Rio. Pre school Graduation day. At last I graduated!! 👩🏼‍🎓

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Although Hudson has a few months to go before her baby girl gets born, Goldie already started to prepare. Source close to the family says Hawn bought a huge pink elephant for her unborn granddaughter since she loves the animals and acts as an advocate for them.

Big, perfect family

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are surrounded by children and grandkids, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Together, they have one son, Wyatt, while Goldie's children, Kate and Oliver, consider Kurt as their father. In addition, there are five grandkids for lucky grandparents.



Hawn always says that her family is the most important thing in her life. No matter how many accomplishments she makes in her professional career, Goldie's family always comes first.

I look at our kids and grandkids and there's nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all of them.


💕FAMILY💕 #Easter #MamaGoldie 🐰

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We wish Kate Hudson a smooth pregnancy, happiness, and health for the future baby.

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