Serena Williams Teaches Her 8-Month-Old Daughter To Be "Smart And Strong": Anything Is Possible If One Works Hard Enough

Date May 10, 2018 16:03

Serena Williams, one of the best tennis players in the world, is known as a strong and confident woman. She conquers titles and destroys her opponents with admirable fierceness, but she wasn't confident on the motherhood. Serena was afraid she's going to be a bad mother to her daughter Alexis Olympia.

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Used to being the best at everything, Serena desperately wanted to be a good mom, but she was second-guessing herself in this unknown venture. 

Williams is known for being hard on herself, which is why she's been named the best female tennis player eight time in her career. But, in some cases, you need to give yourself a room to grow and learn as you go, just as she now does with her baby girl.

Just as expected, Serena says there are much more things to worry about while raising a daughter than she used to think. Williams decided to prioritize building Alexis Olympia's character from the very start.


Welcome home momma

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In a recent interview, Williams revealed she's afraid of all the pressure that is put on modern girls, so she counteracts the negativity.

So I try to tell her every day that she’s strong, and that she’s smart. I believe she has to understand some of the things I’m saying, even now, and I hope it sticks with her for the rest of her life.


She's like "Mommmmmmmmmmm my friends are looking" #freshfaces

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Serena also wants to teach her daughter the same strong qualities she possesses. The tennis player recalled when she was younger, her goal was to achieve 18 Grand Slam titles, just like the great Christine Evert and Martina Navratilova.


Just how I look at her

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At some point, Williams' coach told her not to limit herself and aim higher. Today, Serena holds 23 total titles, and she's thankful she didn't underestimate herself after all. She wants her baby girl to learn from her experience, and believe that with hard work and desire, anything is possible.


Biceps 💪🏾

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With such an outstanding mother like that, we're sure little Alexis Olympia will achieve all the great things in life. 

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