Did Princess Diana Love Charles As A Person Or Only The Concept Of Being A Royal? Prince's Friends Voiced Their Concerns

Date August 28, 2018

With over two decades since Princess Diana's death, people are still trying to search for something that would give them closure to ease the unrest of her untimely passing. The biggest, and perhaps most important, chapter of Diana's life, which was her marriage with Prince Charles, is one thing that's bothering many fans of the late royal. Did they really love each other? Was she as unhappy as many sources claim?

Many people believe that while Charles' heart always belonged to his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Princess Diana geniunely loved him in the beginning. Some even go as far as to say he was the love of her life.

Perhaps, there's some truth to the statement. As we know, Diana worked very hard on trying to salvage their marriage and get through to Charles. Unfortunately, by the time their marriage started to crumble, the Queen's son had long decided he wants out of this relationship.

However, maybe the burden of an unsuccessful marriage shouldn't be put solely on Charles, one book claims that Diana's heart wasn't in it either from the start.

In search of love of royal status?

According to The Duchess: The Untold Story written by Penny Junior, Prince Charles' friends tried to warn him not to marry Princess Diana as they were unsure about her intentions.


Penny Romsey, the royal family's close friends, were especially suspicious of Diana and had an impression that Charles' fianceé was after the royal title. As stated in the book:

Penny Romsey was the most critical. She believed that Diana was devious and that nineteen-year-old was more in love with the idea of being queen of England than with Charles himself.


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Nicholas Soames, Charles' close friend at the time, did believe that Diana loved him, but he was concerned she would change him too much. The royal's friends didn't consider Diana equal to him and didn't hesitate to express their criticism of his bride-to-be.


The book also claims, that Charles had his own doubts but didn't feel confident enough to bring it up to his parents. The pressure of his royal title and public's expectations were too much for the young prince, so he went through with the wedding after all.


As we know, Charles and Diana stayed together until 1996 after his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles had become public in 1992. Despite all the speculations and problems in their marriage, we all can be grateful for Prince William and Prince Harry, the couple's two wonderful sons.

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What do you think about these allegations? Did Diana love Charles or was there a possibility of her wanting to lead the royal life? Share with us in the comments.

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