Swoon! Kate Hudson Melts Hearts With A New Snap Of A Heartwarming Family Moment With Baby Rani

Date November 15, 2018 11:20

Ever since Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa welcomed their precious baby girl to the world, there has been nothing but love surrounding the Hudson family.


She’s here 💕

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The happy parents can't stop treating us with photos of the lovely Rani, and Kate's family gushes about what a great mother she is, as they swoon over the little one.


Tuscany ☀️🍇🌿🇮🇹💛

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Once again, the 39-year-old actress continued to prove what a tight-knit family they are by posting a new photo that, without a fail, will make you say 'aww!'

Morning bonding time

Kate Hudson took to Instagram to share a new photo of her, Danny, and their little angel with the world. The picture shows all three with their hands intertwined in their comfy bed early in the morning.

The famous actress added a caption, saying she wishes her older sons were in the photo, but they were still sleeping soundly:

Two hands are missing to complete this family portrait but it’s far too early for my big guys ❤️ #SleepyHeads#FeedTime #AllDayEveryDay

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Just when we think this family can't get any more adorable, they find a new way to surprise us every time! Kate and Danny are, without a doubt, incredibly loving parents. Little Rani is so lucky!


Kind beautiful man, your pure love is such a gift #daddysgirl 💕

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💝 #WhatAMonth!

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Kate is very happy

The new mom's brother, Oliver, shared with ExtraTV that his sister is over the moon about Rani, and things are the way they should be in the family:

Kate’s a happy girl. She’s nesting. She’s being mom. 


The early morning calm #babybubble

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We're very happy to hear that Kate is enjoying motherhood so much and wish her a million more precious moments with her baby girl. 

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