Animal Lover Simon Cowell Donates Nearly $32,600 To Shut Down Monstrous Korean Dog Meat Farm

Date October 2, 2018

Simon Cowell might be tough when it comes to judging performers on X Factor or America's Got Talent, but he's actually a very kind-hearted man. The famous judge is an active animal rights supporter, determined to put an end to horrific dog meat festivals in China and barbaric treatment of animals in general.


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Last year, Cowell started to raise awareness about dog meat farming trade in South Korea. There are over 17,000 farms in the Asian country that raise more than 2.5 million dogs for human consumption. 


Understandably, Simon is completely horrified by those numbers, just like all of us, and he decided to start doing something to stop such cruelty.

Making a difference one step at a time

Simon Cowell donated nearly £25,000 ($32,600) to Humane Society International (HSI) helping them reach their financial goal in order to shut down one of the dog farms in South Korea.

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The organization is extremely grateful for such a generous gift and plans to rescue over 200 dogs from the identified farm. Mistreated animals will no longer exist in horrendous conditions and will be transported to a safe shelter.


But HSI's work is not done. They will continue to seek out more farms in order to rescue as many dogs as they can. Anyone can help by donating to their important cause.

Supportive comments online

Other celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, Kelly Osbourne, and Jane Goodall support HSI's mission to put an end to dog farms in South Korea. Hopefully, they will be able to completely eliminate such inhumane animal treatment in the future.

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