"Another Day – Another Oversized Black Outfit And Stripper Shoes": Fans Batter Meghan For Her First Solo Outing Look

Date September 26, 2018 14:09

Duchess of Sussex has turned heads during her first solo outing as a royal with an exceptionally stunning little black dress from Givenchy.  


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Meghan chose one of her favorite brands for this special occasion as it has never failed her. Sheer sleeves and a cheeky front slit on the skirt of the dress looked incredible on the Duchess and fit the aesthetic of the Royal Academy of Arts in London.


However, it wouldn't be a complete royal outing for Meghan Markle without tons of disapproving comments from social media about her outfit.

People outright hated the look

Many blamed the Duchess for wearing too much black and going for heels that are too high for her.

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Overall, the consensus is that Meghan lacks elegance and "has no class."

Bending the rules yet again

It's no secret that Duchess of Sussex breaks royal fashion rules from time to time, and favoring black clothing is also one of them. Usually, royals aren't allowed to wear black during the day, unless they're going to the funeral. But Meghan often disregards that rule and often reaches for a spot of black in her closet.


Tell us what you thought of the Duchess' look and whether you agree with social media comments.

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