Jane Fonda Speaks With Pain Of The Infamous 'Hanoi Jane' Photo: "I Will Go To My Grave Regretting That"


September 25, 2018 18:51 By Fabiosa

In 1972, Jane Fonda visited Vietnam to see firsthand the situation with Vietnamese people and the U.S. government. The actress wanted to learn more about that terrible war and hoped to bring awareness to people worldwide.


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Despite her good intentions, Fonda was harassed upon her return to the United States due to the photo of the actress and Vietnamese soldiers sitting on the anti-aircraft gun, which many viewed as posing against U.S. soldiers.

The photo earned Fonda the infamous nickname 'Hanoi Jane', which always made her regret it. To this day, the actress can hardly contain herself when asked about it.

Emotional interview about 

In the recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Jane once again opened up about the North Vietnam photo, and it was obvious from her reaction that this topic still hits too close to her heart.


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Fonda explained she always worked with U.S. soldiers and supported them any way she could. That photo was a mistake, and her regret about is immeasurable:

I wasn’t even thinking what I was doing and photographs were taken and that image went out, and the image makes it look like I was against our soldiers, which was never the case. But that image is there and I will go to my grave regretting that. I knew right away that that was wrong.

However, despite the constant apologies and regret, some people still can't forgive the actress about the picture.

People remember and not ready to forgive

Considering how heartbroken Jane is about the photo, it's time we all let it go and remember all the good things she's done with her activism instead. 

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