Royal Expert Reveals Sarah Ferguson Had A "Love Of Her Life," But It Wasn't Prince Andrew

Date October 2, 2018

Despite their divorce in 1996, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson seem to be on the best terms ever. Many royals' fans believe the couple is still in love, and cherish the hope of them officially getting back together one day.

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Andrew and Fergie still live together at Royal Lodge at Windsor and share two beautiful daughters. They're a family, so the dream of seeing their romance reignited isn't too far-fetched.

But sources close to the family have doubts about Prince Andrew being the love of Sarah's life, and it all traces back to the man who broke their marriage in the first place.

Prince Andrew is not 'the one'?

In 1989, Sarah Ferguson met Steve Wyatt during her visit to Texas. At the time, the Duchess was pregnant with Princess Eugenie, but even this fact couldn't keep Sarah from falling for the successful businessman.

The two stayed in touch and after a short while, started the affair. As we know, Ferguson was lonely while her husband was away on duty all the time, so the company of the charming Wyatt was a huge solace for her.

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David Leigh, the co-author of The Duchess of York Uncensored, confirmed in the documentary Fergie: Downfall of the Duchess that Steve Wyatt broke up Sarah and Andrew, but it was more than just a fling for the Duchess of York:

Steve Wyatt was the love of her life. Andrew may have been her best friend, and he probably still is now and probably always will be, but Steve Wyatt was the love life of her life.

But the affair didn't last long. Wyatt married another woman and cut ties with Fergie, which was devastating for her:

It left her totally broken. She dreamt that one day they would be together, hopefully, living in America, she was forever making dreams in her head.

After that failed attempt at happiness with another man, Sarah gave up on finding someone else and focused on her daughters. To this day, there hasn't been another significant person in her life, aside from her warm relationship with Prince Andrew.

And yet, Andrew might be her soulmate after all

Despite claims that Steve Wyatt was actually Sarah's ultimate love, there's no denying the Duchess was, and perhaps still is, in love with Prince Andrew.

Speaking with Piers Morgan, Ferguson revealed Andrew was the most important man in her life at the time of their wedding:

We married for total love. And when I went up that aisle, I had  I married my man. I also married a sailor. And I got a prince. But my man was the most important thing for me, Piers, because nothing was more important than him.

Who's to say a person can't have two big loves in their life? Because we're certain Andrew is the one in Sarah Ferguson's life. 

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