What A Twist! Jane Fonda Reveals She Feels Bad For Megyn Kelly Despite Their Long-Time Feud: "I Wanted Her To Make It"

Date November 2, 2018

Last week, NBC announced the cancellation of the daytime talk show Megyn Kelly Today. The show's host, Megyn Kelly, was widely criticized for not understanding why wearing blackface for Halloween is considered racist, which became the main reason for her firing.

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Kelly often caused controversy by her on-air behavior and the racist remark was the last straw. She offered an apology, but it was too late.

Surprisingly, Jane Fonda, who was offended by Megyn Kelly on the show for being asked about her plastic surgeries, was sad to hear about the host's forced departure from the network.

Jane Fonda feels bad for Kelly

Last year, Jane Fonda sat down with Megyn Kelly to talk about her upcoming movie, but instead, the host decided to ask her guest about her plastic surgeries, something Fonda was tired of talking about so she refused to answer.

Since then, 80-year-old actress threw a lot of shade towards Kelly and criticized her behavior.

However, it seems that Jane was rooting for Megyn to learn from her mistakes this whole time, and was actually upset to hear about her getting fired from NBC.

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Fonda told Entertainment Tonight:

I feel badly, because, you know, I wanted her to make it, I did. That's always how everyone learns, through making mistakes. It's through failure that we grow and learn. I know that has been true for me, and I think it is for everybody.

What A Twist! Jane Fonda Reveals She Feels Bad For Megyn Kelly Despite Their Long-Time Feud: "I Wanted Her To Make It"gettyimages

We're sure Jane Fonda is the last person Kelly expected any support from, but we hope the actress' words help Megyn.

Is a second chance possible for Kelly? 

Sources say that Megyn Kelly is looking to return to Fox, the network she left after NBC offered her a better contract. They're still holding a grudge against the famous host for turning her back at them, but they haven't turned her down yet.

So far it's unknown whether we'll see Megyn Kelly back on air any time soon.

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