Who Is Jim Carrey's Lovely Daughter? Wide Smile And Powerful Charisma Aren't The Only Things They Share

Date September 10, 2018

Jim Carrey's beautiful first daughter, Jane Erin, was born long before the comedian gained huge success. She was born in 1987 to Jim and his first wife, Melissa Womer. The couple divorced in 1995, but Jim and Jane never lost their close relationship.

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Jane Erin isn't just a daughter of a famous actor, she's a very talented and bright young lady, so let's find out more about her.

Making it on her own

Many celebrity children don't have any issues about taking advantage of their famous parent's name in order to get their foor on Hollywood's door, but Jane isn't like that.

Jane Erin Carreygettyimages

You'd be surprised to know that Carrey's daughter grew up wanting to make a name for herself, and earn her own success. She even worked as a waitress for 6 years to be able to have her own money.

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Jane did, however, inherit her dad's talent gene, and she was always passionate about music.

While working hard, Jane Erin was writing songs and dreaming about sharing them with others.

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In 2012, she auditioned for American Idol, but couldn't make it to the live shows. 

Nevertheless, her passion didn't fade. She started The Jane Carrey Band, which found its fans and had several successful songs, including Sticky Situation and Simple Beauty.

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Close family

Jane Erin is also a mom to Jackson Riley Santana, whom she had with her ex-husband, Alex Santana. Jim Carrey became a proud grandparent in 2010, and has been happier than ever since.

Father and daughter are very close, and they even worked on the documentary about the famous comedian's life, Jim Carrey: I Needed Color.

We can definitely see wonderful similarities between Jim and his lovely daughter Jane. She definitely inherited his strong spirit and bright smile!

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