Why Meghan Markle's First Royal Solo Event Look Stands Apart From Those Ones Of Kate's And Princess Diana's

Date September 26, 2018 16:39

Meghan Markle just achieved another major milestone in her career as a royal – the Duchess of Sussex made her first ever solo outing to the opening of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.


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The Duchess soaked in the beautiful art from New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia, which she's planning to visit in October. It was the first event she attended without Prince Harry or other members of the royal family by her side. And for this event, Meghan chose to wear a beautiful black Givenchy dress.


Solo engagements can be stressful for female royals because the public always pays attention to the outfits they choose for historic events in their lives. Interestingly, Meghan's looks drastically differ from her predecessors. Let's see how her look compares to those of Kate Middleton's and Princess Diana's during their big outings.

Kate Middleton's dinner ensemble

The Duchess of Cambridge had a somewhat short notice on her first solo appearance. She had to step in for Prince Charles, who couldn't make it to the private dinner because of one of his charities at Clarence House.


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Nevertheless, Kate managed to put together an elegant look with a gorgeous light blue evening dress. The event was a success, owing to her incredible charm and hospitality.

Princess Diana shined during a hospital visit

It doesn't come as a surprise that Diana's first even alone was a visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital. It became the first in many charitable events, which solidified the Princess as a committed public servant. 

In comparison to Kate and Meghan, Diana's outfit was the most colorful and definitely brightened everyone's day at the hospital.

As we can see, both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana went with bright looks for their royal events, while Meghan chose to play it safe and decided on a reliable black dress. But despite different outfits, all three royal ladies had one thing in common – they all looked stunning.

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