How In Love Are Harry And Meghan? Body Language Expert Revealed Affectionate Signs That Speak Volumes

Date October 4, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been going strong since the spring of 2016. Back then, their romance was just blooming, but has it changed since they'd become a married couple?


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Not according to the body language expert, who examined the behavior of Duke and Duchess on their recent trip to Sussex.

Their love is growing every day

Traci Brown, a body language guru, spoke with Elite Daily and couldn't get enough of how cute Harry and Meghan are together. She spilled all the beans about the couple's dynamic, and we're all here for it.

The expert started out by pointing out that Duke and Duchess are perfectly in sync. They mimic each other's gestures, which is what people do with someone they have feelings for.


As Brown explained:

We are hardwired to copy people. See how they're doing exactly the same thing...waving the same way? That'swhat couples do when they're energetically in sync and very connected. And it happens naturally.

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Harry and Meghan also seem incredibly happy with each other. Their affection for each other is still fresh, and they are overjoyed to be together. According to Traci:

Both of them are showing real smiles. There's no faking how into each other they are in this shot!


But what about deeper feelings of comfort between the lovebirds? There are plenty. The body language expert noticed the support Harry displays towards Meghan as his hand is on her back. He's still looking out for his wife because he remembers how stressful public events can be:

A hand on the back lets you feel that someone is there, supporting you and guiding you along the way. It's quite comforting for most folks.


Overall, Meghan and Harry are still heads over heels in love with each other, and their bodies are the best proof. As Brown noted:

I think what's more telling is the way their fingers are intertwined. When's the last time you've seen a royal do that? Certainly not Will and Kate. It's a very telling PDA.


And speaking of PDA...

Can't fight the feelings

Duke and Duchess of Sussex have so much affection for each other, they can't stop from showing their love in public. Despite strict royal rules against PDA, Harry and Meghan just can't help but defy them from now and then and reach for each other.