Megyn Kelly Reflects On Her Feud With 'Hanoi Jane': "I Certainly Wish I Hadn't Put On Jane Fonda"

Date October 5, 2018

Last year, Megyn Kelly conducted a controversial interview with Jane Fonda on Megyn Kelly Today, which still continues to haunt the famous anchor. Kelly welcomed Fonda and Robert Redford to talk about their upcoming film Our Souls at Night (2017), but instead of talking about the movie Megyn probed the actress about her plastic surgeries and got immediately shut down.

Although Fonda is usually willing to speak about aging gracefully, that particular interview wasn't the best time and she made Kelly go back to talking about the movie.

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Kelly received massive backlash for her unprofessional behavior, not just from Jane Fonda, but also from the public.

Today, a year after the incident, the morning show host still can't shake it off.

Megyn Kelly's regret

In the interview with US Weekly, Kelly revealed she wishes she'd never welcomed Jane Fonda as her guest:

I certainly wish I hadn’t put on Jane Fonda. That didn’t go well!


However, despite being publically criticized, she refuses to admit she'd done anything wrong. Kelly noted that Fonda constantly talks about her surgeries, so she wasn't out of line bringing up the topic:

She answered that question in about 40 different forums. It was nothing wrong with me. And she’s answered it in 40 more forums since!

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Back when the interviewed aired for the first time, Kelly addressed the controversy on her show, saying she wasn't out of line. She even mentioned the infamous 'Hanoi Jane' incident, citing that Jane isn't capable of judging what qualifies as offensive.


Megyn Kelly believes she took the high road by not reciprocating the criticisms, while Fonda has been bringing up the unfortunate interview at every opportunity.

Jane Fonda is willing to leave it behind...sort of

When asked whether the 80-year-old actress would ever come back to Megyn Kelly's show, she revealed she'd be open to it, but only if Kelly learns her lesson:

It was so inappropriate. It showed that she’s not that good an interviewer. But if she comes around and learns her stuff, sure.


We imagine Jane Fonda is still expecting an apology, but it's hard to imagine either of the ladies would be willing to make the first step.

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