“I Didn't Do Anything But Be With The Babies”: Kym Herjavec Talks About Being A Mom Of Twins And Getting Back In Post-Pregnancy Shape

Date June 25, 2018

Kym Herjavec is a professional ballroom dancer from Australia. She participated in the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. But despite her successful career as a professional dancer, her main role in life now is not dancing. The 41-year-old Kym enjoys every moment of being a mom.

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Kym Herjavec and her Dancing with the Stars partner, businessman Robert Herjavec, welcomed twins, Hudson Robert Herjavec and Haven Mae Herjavec, on April 23, 2018. She announced their birth by posting a touching black-and-white photo of Robert, holding babies. She wrote:

I never though my heart could feel so full. We're so in love with our little angels. Born at 7.44am and 7.45am 4/23/18.

During one of her interviews, Kym shared her thoughts of being a mother of twins. Also, she talked about getting back in shape after the pregnancy.

She said:

I'm just so happy. I was just hoping that the babies would be healthy... and to have two beautiful, healthy babies is the most incredible thing.

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And added:

Being a mom, I have such a different respect for moms now, it's unbelievable. You just realize how incredible women are, and we shouldn't put too much pressure on ourselves because everyone's different. And we're all just doing the best we can!

The Australian beauty revealed her feelings during the pregnancy period and gave advice to the future moms. She said:

Being pregnant is such a special experience and I'm truly so excited to be a Mum! It's just so great to see how your body takes over and changes everyday. My advice to any mum-to-be is to stay positive and as stress-free as possible.

Kym also talked about getting back in shape. By the way, she owns her own dance fitness studio “The BOD by Kym” in Beverly Hills. That’s how Kym took care of her body after the labor:

For the first six weeks, I didn't do anything but be with the babies. I did lose quite a bit of weight that first six weeks just from sheer exhaustion and taking care of two twins. So, that just happened naturally. I was also wearing some support garments and things like that that they gave me at the hospital, and I think that helped with my stomach muscles. It was just eating well and staying hydrated and the sheer exhaustion of looking after babies in that first six weeks.

She also noted that Robert was the one who supported her throughout the whole time. Now, Kym feels herself as happy as never before. She said:

I'm so grateful to everyone for their love and support—especially my husband, Robert! I can't wait for this new chapter in our lives.

And added:

He's been taking care of me and the babies. I saw the picture of [Dwayne] 'the Rock' [Johnson] feeding his girlfriend [while she was breastfeeding], and Robert was doing the same thing to me -- feeding me as I was feeding the babies. It's really nice to see him with the kids.

Kym and Robert Herjavec look so happy together with their babies!

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