What's The Secret To A Long, Happy Marriage? "Being Childless," Max Schautzer Says

Date July 17, 2018

Max Schautzer is the famous German radio and TV presenter. He is mostly known for hosting such shows as Spaß muß sein with Hans Rosenthal, Die schönsten Melodien der Welt with Carolin Reiber, Immer wieder sonntags and Alles oder nichts. By the way, he was a commentator of the Eurovision song contest twice: in 1979, for Austria, where he originally comes from, and in 1991, for Germany.

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At the age of 77, Max Schautzer feels young and energetic. He loves spending time with his loving wife. The TV presenter has been married to Gundel Lauffer since 1968. The couple is going to celebrate the silver anniversary in October this year. But what is the secret of their long-lasting marriage?

Max and Gundel claim the secret of their marriage is being childless. Max adds that they never had a discussion regarding who is to focus on career or how the children should be raised, they were not distracted from each other.

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Of course, they had other plans at the beginning of their relationships. Max said:

It's not that we did not want children, it did not work.

Max and Gundel are both very optimistic and see a positive aspect in the fact that they had to go through life without having children.

Do you think being childless is a secret to a long-lasting marriage?

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