“I Hung Up.” Miranda Lambert Remembers Her First Interview About Gwen Stefani After The Divorce With Blake Shelton

Date July 6, 2018 10:36

Miranda Lambert has recently revealed the reason she avoided talks about her breakup with Blake Shelton. They split back in 2015, and Miranda didn’t give any interviews ahead of the release of "The Weight of These Wings," her work about the divorce.


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A little later, Miranda explained her desire to stay silent. She said:

It was going to be hell, and I'd already been through hell. It was hell putting it on paper, putting my words on paper. So I didn’t want to rehash.


And added that she shared all her feelings in songs:

I’d finally gotten to a place where I wasn’t sad anymore. All the sad moments were there, all the truths were right in those songs. All you had to do was listen. I didn’t need to say anything.


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Only after the album was released, Miranda agreed to give an interview. When asked about Gwen Stefani, whom Shelton was dating for about three years, she said:

I was very publicly going through this thing, and there wasn’t an explanation to be given. When the music was out, people had listened, I got on the phone for the first interview. First question was, 'How do you feel about Gwen?'


But it turned out, Miranda was not ready for such questions. She said:

I hung up. I told (manager) Marion (Kraft), I just can’t do this.


Miranda Lambert lets music do the talking for her, and it makes her songs so beautiful and worthy.

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