Love Has No Age For Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor, Who Have A 32-Year Age Difference

Date May 24, 2018

This beautiful couple proves that the real love has no age. The 43-year-old American actress Sarah Paulson and the 74-year-old actress and playwright Holland Taylor are happy together despite more than three decades of age difference.


They started dating back in 2015, and since that time none of them has ever considered an age difference to be an issue.


During one of her interviews, Sarah Paulson said:

If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem.

The American Horror Story actress has once revealed she faced plenty of criticism after their relations became public. People were constantly warning her and advised to think twice before continuing such relations.


She was often told:

'I think you have to be careful, I’m afraid it’s going to affect your career negatively'.


Despite everything, they are still together and share feelings of being an unusual couple:

I do want to live responsibly and truthfully without hiding. It’s complicated, because there is a lot of hate in this world, and a lot of good can come from quote-unquote normalizing something for people who don’t see it as normal. Our relationship represents a certain amount of hope and risk. Maybe there’s something brave in it. Maybe it encourages others to make brave choices. What else can I say? We love each other.

You are such an incredible couple, Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor!