‘Criminal Minds’ Star Shemar Moore Explains Why He Kept Huge Distance From His Father: "I Defend My Mom"


April 17, 2019 13:27 By Fabiosa

The popular American actor Shemar Moore moved around the world with his mother, and they are very close.

Together, they settled down in Northern California, where Moore started out as a model, before joining the cast of the Young and the Restless.

It is not a secret for everybody that Shemar Moore loves his mother a lot, and he keeps repeating it again and again. Moreover, the actor claims women actually like it because the way you treat your mom is the barometer of how this man is going to treat his woman.

Relations with dad

Nevertheless, his relations with dad are not as good. During the interview with the Larry King, Shemar Moore explained his strained relationship with father and revealed why he still keeps distance.

Sheman said that father is in his life, but on his terms, as he has to defend mom. Moore’s dad wasn’t good to his mom, so he had to distance himself in order to protect the family unit.

I defend my mom.

Nevertheless, the actor is an extremely caring and supportive son. Sherman bought his father a place to keep him safe, and wishes the best for him. Nevertheless, he added that it’s up to him to live his life.

Supporting mom is her battle

Shemar Moore supports his mother in her multiple sclerosis battle The Criminal Minds actor learned a lot about the disease in general and what to do to be able to help mother.

I just had to check myself and say, ‘Listen, she’s scared and asking for help, so let’s help her turn in the right direction. I’ve just been learning about the meds and learning about how it affects different people. Five years ago, we thought she was going to be wheelchair bound. Then, by just doing some homework and really seeing what MS was all about, we learned that MS is affecting her, but not entirely. We were able to be specific about the MS and other factors in her life.

Shemar Moore opened up about his strained relations with father, saying he has to defend his mother, whom he loves so much.