Divorce Didn’t Stop Alex Trebek From Being A Loving Dad For His Adoptive Daughter Nicky From First Marriage

Date April 11, 2019

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek got divorced with his first wife Elaine Callei back in 1982, after around seven years of marriage.

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Elaine was Alex’s first wife, and they were indeed happy with each other. But unfortunately, their relations didn’t work out and at some point they decided to separate.

Elaine Callei was married three times and divorced twice.By the way, once she had a temporary fictitious name of Teddy Howard while working as a Playboy bunny in the 60s.

Adoptive daughter

While being married with Elaine Callei, the couple had no mutual children. Nevertheless, Alex Trebek adopted a daughter named Nicky.

Nicky was only a 6-year-old girl when Elaine and Alex got married, so from the early childhood she considered Trebek to be her daddy.


Публикация от Nicky Trebek (@trebeklife)

Alex raised her and gave her his name, considering Nicky to be his real daughter. He proved to be a responsible and devoted person, who didn’t forget about the adoptive daughter even after getting a divorce with her mother. How inspiring!

According to the CloserWeekly, Nicky and Alex remained close. Nicky calls him dad in her Instagram posts, and she is indeed lucky to have such a great father!

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Публикация от Nicky Trebek (@trebeklife)


Публикация от Nicky Trebek (@trebeklife)

Alex Trebek didn’t forget about his adoptive daughter Nicky after separating with her mother, and proved to be an incredibly loving father.

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