Shirley Temple Was A Proud Mom Of Three Beautiful Kids, Who Are Doing Great Things With Their Lives

Date June 21, 2019

The famous American actress, singer, and dancer, Shirley Temple, gained international fame for her legendary role in the Bright Eyes.

But aside from having a successful acting career, she was also a proud mother of three amazing children: daughters Linda Susan, Lori, and a son Charles Alden Black Jr.

Shirley Temple was officially married two times: with John Agar and Charles Alden Black.

What do we know about Shirley’s children today?

Linda Susan didn’t follow her famous mother’s footsteps and became a librarian teacher.

In 1980, she gave birth to a daughter, Teresa Falaschi Caltabliano.

Shirley Temple’s daughter Lori became a musician known as Lorax, who played the bass for Clown Alley and for the Melvins.

Charles Alden Black Jr. tried himself in the acting sphere at his mother’s request, but later understood that it’s not his real passion. A little later, he became a licensed real estate broker.

Shirley Temple's children claim their mom was a wonderful person.

The only time I noticed her star quality was when someone else would ask for her autograph. She was an amazing person. She was wonderful — and normal. We had dinner at the table every night all together.

Shirley Temple will always be remembered by her amazing kids!