Lloyd Bridges's Grandson Jordan Is A Carbon Copy Of His Late Grandfather. Moreover, He Is A Famous Actor Too

Date April 18, 2019

The popular American film, stage and television actor Lloyd Bridges appeared in more than 150 movies.

Lloyd Bridges appeared in such legendary films as A Walk In The Sun, High Noon, Little Big Horn, Sahara, and others.

Unfortunately, the iconic actor passed away back in 1998 at the age of 85. Besides having a successful acting career, Lloyd Bridges was also a father of four children, including actor Beau Bridges and Jeff Bridges.

Lookalike grandson

Lloyd Bridges's grandson Jordan, the son of Beau Bridges and Julie Bridges, is a carbon copy of his late grandfather. By the way, he decided to follow in his famous grandfather’s footsteps and became an actor too.

Jordan Bridges is known for such movies as Drive Me Crazy, Dawson's Creek, Mona Lisa Smile and others. Since 2002, he is married with Carrie Eastman and they have two wonderful children together.

Jordan has special relations with his uncle, Jeff Bridges, who always supports him and is able to provide a good advice.

The dude has taught me more about life really and kind of surviving as a creative person more than kind of the ins and outs of the business. He’s really given me amazing guidance just as a person. He’s taught me that, he emphasizes the process over the product generally. If I were to kind of simplify and crystallize what I’ve learned from him, I think that’s a big part of his, you know, maybe his philosophy in life…That’s certainly what I’ve got from him is that you throw yourself into the work and you don’t worry about the results or whether or not it’s going to be a hit or whether or not people will love it or whether or not it’s gonna lead to other things…

Lloyd Bridges's grandson Jordan is indeed a spitting image of his legendary grandfather. Moreover, he decided to follow in his footsteps and is an actor too.