"This Was The Most Awkward Ambush Makeover That I Have Ever Seen": Viewers Are Furious Over Woman's Transformation

Date July 15, 2019

The Ambush Makeover keeps making people’s lives better by completely changing the way they look. This time, two lucky ladies, Anna and Cheryl, got a change to undergo a life-changing transformation.

Life-changing transformation

Best specialists worked on their new outlook: style expert Bobbie Thomas and celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari were doing a great job to make women even more beautiful.

"This Was The Most Awkward Ambush Makeover That I Have Ever Seen": Viewers Are Furious Over Woman's TransformationBasyn /

Cheryl is a distant worker, so she usually doesn’t go to the office daily. She hasn’t worn dress for around 11 years. That is why she was extremely happy to become the Ambush Makeover participant.

Anna told her sons are singing at Carnegie Hall, so she needed a gorgeous outfit for the special occasion.

Fans’ comments

But it seems the Ambush Makeover viewers didn’t like this transformation at all, claiming ladies look much older now.

@Maureen Eith:

I think they both look older after that makeovers. And I didn't like either one of their outfits. I don't think the women were excited about their makeover as they didn't seem that excited

@Christopher Summers:

After photos look like terrible before pictures

@Sherri Zirkle:

I didn’t like either one, the first makeover was awful she looked so manly! The second wasn’t too bad!

@Anne White Clark:

This was the most awkward Ambush Makeover that I have ever seen. At least you were chosen. I would give anything for that! Gratitude is good.

@Jean Joseph:

The first lady looked like she was just not used to looking so sophisticated. Even her family looked lost. They didn't seem to understand why she looked so posh.

But it didn't happen for the first time. Louis Licari has previously revealed that despite all the efforts, sometimes people don't like their new looks.

Despite everything, most people really enjoy their transformation. But what do you think?