Love Lesson For Prince Charles: He Wanted To Learn How To Love Diana, But Failed

Date September 5, 2018

Author Sally Bedell Smith has already written several bestselling biographies, including the one about William S. Paley, In All His Glory, and Reflected Glory: The Life of Pamela Churchill Harriman.


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She is also known for being the author of the sympathetic portrait of Prince Charles in the biography Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life.


Sally claims Prince Charles thought he would learn to love his then wife, Princess Diana. The couple got married in July 1981, and their ceremony was called the 'wedding of the year', watched by millions of people all over the world.

They didn’t have a lot of time to know each other before Charles proposed. They only had around 12 dates after the summer of 1980. Nevertheless, Diana accepted the proposal, and believed their marriage would be successful.

In an interview with People, Sally Bedell Smith said:

He was obviously anguished, and he said, 'She was someone I could learn to love'. He looked to his grandparents, which wasn’t a love match at the outset, and thought, 'If they can do it and build a good marriage, then I can do it too'.

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A letter from his father was one of the reasons why Prince Charles decided to get married. He interpreted it as pressure to make up his mind.

Sally confessed:

I was stunned when I combed over the chronology; they had only been together 12 times [before their engagement]. After they got engaged, he went away for six weeks. He was dutifully plunging ahead with his schedule, and she wanted him to be around and available, and support her.

But, according to The Duchess: The Untold Story by Penny Junor, published by the Daily Mail, close friends say the couple was always incompatible.



Love is vital for every marriage. Without it, relationships are not likely to last too long.

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