Melania Trump Can Barely Hide Anger When Husband Is Around. Body Language Experts Revealed Some Hidden Signs

Date July 27, 2018 13:18

Since the time Donald Trump was elected as the US President, people started noticing that Melania doesn't feel very comfortable around her husband. And now, professional experts have given their opinions on the matter.

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Patti Wood, a body language expert, gave an exclusive interview to reveal some hidden signals between Melania and Donald. 

Patti claims they don’t really look like a couple even when they are together:

I don't see him being present with her: He's waving at the crowd, so he's not having a moment with her. We don't see them connected and together.


The expert also noticed that Melania and Donald Trump almost never smile:

She's not smiling. He's definitely not smiling, but I think this is the emotion towards the cameraman rather than a reflection of their relationship...She might be mad at him, but there is some connection there.



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Maybe, they are not happy with each other?

Patti Wood thinks that sometimes, Melania hides anger behind the smile:

Look how similar that look in the eyes are. That's hidden anger, and their eyes are both showing hidden anger, they're matching and mirroring hidden anger.


Patti added that Melania’s smile looks more like a play for the camera than a happy emotion:

She turns her neck and her head to look at him and smile. It’s not a full, complete happy smile. It looks like her 'model smile'. It’s a big model smile, which says: "Look at me, I’m happy."

Well, it seems like body language tells more than we realized.

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