Will Genetics Play A Bad Trick? Lady Gaga Is Terrified Of Autoimmune Disease That Took Away Her Aunt's Life

Date May 24, 2019

Lady Gaga's aunt, Joanna, died of complications of lupus when she was only 19.

During one of the previous interviews, Lady Gaga revealed that Joanna inspired her album of the same name. Her aunt always stayed optimistic and lived every day as if it was her last one.


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When the singer was a child, she couldn’t understand why her family members were crying so much, but later, she understood what kind of pain they had to feel.

Joanne is about living every day as if it’s my last. My father’s sister died when she was 19 — that was Joanne, my aunt. This was the center of the pain in my family. Growing up, I never understood what the tears of my family were about.

Bad genetics

Lady Gaga says she may develop the autoimmune disease that took away her aunt's life.

Lupus is in my family, and it is genetic. And it's so funny because my mother told me the other day that my fans were quite worried about me because they did talk about the fact that I was tested for lupus.


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She tries to do medical check-ups regularly, in order not to miss the moment the disease appears. Nevertheless, fans should not be worried, as Lady Gaga currently has no symptoms of lupus. Nevertheless, it’s in her family, and she should be rather attentive and not forget about tests.

And the truth is I don't show any signs, any symptoms of lupus. But I have tested borderline positive for the disease. So as of right now ... I do not have it. But I have to take good care of myself.


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Even though Lady Gaga doesn't have lupus, she's been vocal about her other health issues. For example, the singer has previously revealed that she has fibromyalgia. Doctors describe it as a disorder characterized by widespread muscular pain.


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Lady Gaga revealed she may develop the autoimmune disease that took her aunt’s life. Nevertheless, we should not be worried, as the Born This Way star has no symptoms of it.