Woman Undergoes A Life-Changing Transformation For The 1st Time In 20 Years, And It Makes Her Believe In Herself After Bitter Divorce

Date July 2, 2019 11:48

It is not a secret that the way we look impacts our personal, social, and professional lives.

There is also a phenomenon called beauty self-esteem, which means that the way we look influences the way we feel. And it is absolutely true, as sometimes, just a slight change in appearance can make us a completely different person.

Life-changing transformation

Cindy Travis from Texas never wore any make-up and didn’t dress up often, so she was a perfect participant for the Ambush Makeover.

The 53-year-old woman was experiencing hard times after the divorce, and wanted to change her life somehow.

The Ambush Makeover team did everything possible to give her a fresh look.

Cindy Travis’ daughter couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her mother after the transformation.

She looks so Hollywood!

Louis Licari's advice

The celebrity hair guru, Louis Licari, has provided some tips on improving your look with the perfect color for the skin tone.

Your new hair color should always accent your complexion. It should do the same thing makeup does — it should accent your facial features.

Don't go crazy! Pick a shade that's only a few shades away from your natural color that will provide contrast with your skin color.

A new appearance can indeed change life for better!