Doris Day’s Four Marriages Didn’t Manage To Work Out Due To A Painful Lack Of "One Thing"

Date March 21, 2019

The legendary American actress and singer Doris Day was trying to find the man of her life during her whole life, but unfortunately, no one managed to make her truly happy.

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Doris was officially married four times: to Al Jorden, George Weidler, Martin Melcher, and Barry Comden. How come none of the partners turned out to be her sincere love?

Doris Day’s failed attempts to find love

Doris Day's biographer says that despite being married four times, Doris' love life was still unhappy. The star was divorced twice by the age of 27. Nevertheless, her third and fourth husband was also not a perfect match for her.

David A. Kaufman, the author of a new biography about Doris Day, said that having a devoted family was her biggest dream that never came true.

The only thing she ever really wanted was to have a happy marriage and a happy family life. And it’s the one thing she never had. She was married four times, but she was ultimately not happy with any of her husbands.

Unfortunately, she never found true love, and all her marriages failed. For example, Doris Day was beaten by her first husband regularly and even made an attempt to induce a miscarriage after she refused to make an abortion.

She divorced for the last time back in 1981, as Comden complaint that Doris preferred the company of pets more than him.

Doris’ late son

Doris Day says her late son was the love of her life

My son was the love of my life. We talked every day, and I miss him very much. [But] we can’t change the past. I think you have to get through the bad times to appreciate the good things in life.

Doris Day was married four times, but she still couldn’t find happiness in her love life.

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