Is Dr. Phil A Real Doctor? People Claim He Shoudn't Have His Own Show Because Of His License

Date February 19, 2019

Dr. Phil, the American television show created by Oprah Winfrey and the host Phil McGraw, is incredibly popular.


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Despite the fact that so many people watch the show and really like it, they are wondering whether Dr.Phil is a real doctor and has the right for his professional activity.

Does he have a license?

It turned out, their suspicions were rather reasonable, and not everyone knows that the host doesn’t have a license to practice psychology.


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Twitter users are furious and claim Dr.Phil is not a licensed psychologist and has no right to make the show. Some of them even call him a charlatan, who should be in jail. Now, a lot of people are really disappointed in Dr.Phil, and consider his show to be a bad one.

Official statement

Back in 2002, the California Board of Psychology stated that it is not necessary for Phil McGraw to obtain a license for the show, because he was doing more entertainment than psychology.

Jonathan Turley, the law professor, claims there should be a line between entertaining and treating people.

There is a clear line in the law between entertaining people and treating people. Now, when Dr. Phil becomes Dr. McGraw and leaves the studio and goes to a hospital, he’s putting himself and potentially a patient in jeopardy.


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Despite the fact that Dr.Phil show is incredibly popular and has millions of viewers, people are wondering whether Phil McGraw has a professional license for psychological activity, and some of them even call him a charlatan.

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