Jerry Springer's Daughter Katie Was Born Blind And Deaf, But His Love And Faith Made A Miracle

Date April 3, 2019 13:21

Jerry Springer's daughter was born legally blind, deaf in one ear, and without nasal passages.

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Of course, it was a complete shock for the whole family, but fortunately, they decided never to give up and do everything possible to help their baby girl.

Parents’ love makes miracles

Katie was born in 1976, and the doctor’s diagnoses didn’t stop parents from believing in her. When she was just a baby, Jerry and his wife had to clean out her nose every night with a lengthy tube.

That’s the end of the sad story. The happy story is that she is a bright, exceptional kid who has really overcome a lot.

Jerry Springer refused to believe there was something wrong with Katie, and now, she is doing great, living her life to the fullest. On the Rosie Show, Jerry Springer opened up about being a parent of a child with unique needs.

With his love, great support and belief in daughter’s capabilities, Jerry Springer managed to make his child’s life as good as possible.

He is such an inspiring father, showing that everything is possible and despite numerous diagnoses, it is possible to have a great life.

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Reportedly, Katie graduated from the Barat College in Illinois, and for some time worked as an assistant teacher in Chicago. She decided to dedicate all her life to children with special needs.

According to some sources, she is a married woman, and in 2008, she gave birth to her son Richard.

Katie about her father

Katie is very proud of her father and even believes he could become a great president.

I will stand up to anyone verbally who attacks my dad, because he's wonderful. Honestly, it's a shame he wasn't born in America, because he would make one hell of a president.

Jerry Springer's daughter was born legally blind and deaf, but her parents’ love and support made her life the best one.

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