Man Reveals He Was Romantically Involved With Late Michael Jackson, Calling Him His "Soulmate"

Date March 20, 2019

A lot of years have already passed since the moment the King of Pop passed away. Nevertheless, more and more secret details of his life appear, and some of them are rather surprising.

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For example, Michael Jackson’s special relations with his close friend and ex-office manager Jason Pfeiffer. The man claims the pop star was very open and sincere with him, and told all secrets to him. Once, he even confessed about all physical and emotional abuse that he suffered from his father Joe.

Romantic relations

Jason also claims he was romantically involved with the King of Pop. In the exclusive interview, he opened up that Michael Jackson was always nice to him and gave lots of presents.

On the video below, the former office manager to Michael Jackson's dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein tells about his relations with Michael Jackson.

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Jason can’t be silent anymore and decided to open up all details of being Jackson’s boyfriend right up until his death. As Pfeiffer told Extra

We were very close, we were very close friends. I know we loved each other. I know he told me that all the time, I told him that all the time. I believe that he was probably my soulmate.

The story is fake?

Late Dr. Arnold Klein claimed the story wasn't true, and that Jason Pfeiffer and Michael Jackson didn’t have any romantic relations with each other.

Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous.  That story was made up ...

Even though much time has passed since the moment the King of Pop left this world forever, more and more ridiculous information about his life appear. For example, Jason Pfeiffer claims he was Jackson’s boyfriend and they were soul mates.

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