22-Year-Old Man Spent $42,000 On Plastic Surgeries In Desperate Attempts To Look Like David Beckham: "I Will Not Stop Until I'm Dead"

Date December 11, 2018 11:44

Even though all people are beautiful in their own ways, some of them decide to change their appearance in order to look different. The reason for such a big decision can be different: Some people want to look like idols, others just don’t feel themselves comfortable when looking in the mirror.

The 22-year-old Jack Johnson has previously opened up he spent thousands of dollars to look like David Beckham. He underwent different procedures, such as botox, tanning injections, lip fillers, dental work etc.


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Nevertheless, later he claimed it was not true. Jack wrote a post in social media, explaining he did this for a story but never expected how it would go.

Nevertheless, Jack Johnson didn’t stop to change the way he looks. He spent already $42,000 on plastic surgery in desperate attempts to look like David Beckham.

Jack’s desire became stronger after he nearly died. The man spent 24 hours in a coma after his apartment went up in flames. He says:

I will not stop until I'm dead. I do not look like David now so even if someone gave me £1m I still wouldn't look like him but I will keep trying. It has made me more determined to reach my goal because I nearly died.


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Jack even calls himself Jack Beckham on Instagram, and he does everything possible to look like his idol.


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Twitter users claim Jack doesn’t look like David Beckham, and some people even think he should have used this money for psychologists rather than plastic surgeries.

Despite all the critics, Jack Johnson is determined to reach the goal and look like David Beckham. Nevertheless, it is also important not to forget about each person’s individuality and uniqueness.

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