Anne Graham Lotz Saved Her Family With The Late Daniel Lotz By Inviting Someone Special Into Their Marriage

Date January 22, 2019

Anne Graham and Daniel Lotz were married for 49 years until her husband passed away in 2015. It was a horrific shock for everybody, and especially for Anne, who is still learning to live without him.


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During one of her interviews, Anne Graham Lotz candidly opened up about what she did to save her family with her late husband when she felt trapped in a marriage.

Anne revealed that one day she woke up with the feeling that there is no more love left in her relations with Daniel. She was extremely panicked and couldn’t figure out whether there is a way out of such relations, in which a woman feels trapped.

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She started to pray and asked Lord to help her find the right way out of such a hard situation. And after some time Anne realized that by inviting God into the marriage you can literally save and preserve the love that you have:

If you feel trapped in a marriage where the love has run out, praise God! There is hope for you just as there was hope for me. The first step in starting over is to invite Jesus into your marriage.

Danny Lotz passed away in 2015 after he was found unresponsive in their backyard swimming pool and Anne is still learning to forgive herself. Anne wrote on her official website:

If I kept blaming myself and wallowing in the guilt, I knew I would spiral down into bitterness and self-hatred.  I could actually feel the downward pull into that black hole from the moment I found Danny.


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And again, God was the one who saved her:

My journey to forgive myself began with a simple prayer. God, I am so sorry.  Danny’s death is my fault. I have failed to obey Your calling to care for him. I’m so sorry.   For two days, that’s as far as I got on my journey. God, I am so sorry.  God, I am so sorry.

At some moment, Anne Graham Lotz felt trapped in her marriage, but God helped her to save the family and to preserve love.

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