Cape Town Surfer Steals Ladies' Hearts Because Of His Striking Resemblance To Dreamy Jason Momoa

Date April 5, 2019

The Aquaman star Jason Momoa tops list of 100 Most Handsome Men, and he is indeed adored by his numerous fans all over the world.

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Most likely, the Hawaiian-born actor captivated the audience with his shirtless scenes for the role of superhero Arthur Curry.

Some fans claim it is impossible to look as handsome as Jason Momoa, but it turned out that there are people who look exactly like him. Is it even possible?

Jason Momoa’s twin?

Cape Town surfer steals ladies’ hearts because of his striking resemblance to Jason Momoa. The freelance animator Saudiq Parker from Goodwood is as handsome as Jason!

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Parker, who looks exactly like Jason Momoa, was raised in Rylands and is Indian. Of course, he was extremely surprised to become popular in social media. Now, he receives plenty of direct messages and friend requests from fans all over the world. They are very surprised by such similarities!

Nevertheless, Jason Momoa looked completely different when he was younger. He didn't have his famous beard and long hair, and people can hardly recognize him.

Turned out, the Aquaman star Jason Momoa got a 'twin', as the Cape Town surfer looks exactly like him, and he already became an internet star.

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