Joy Behar's Daughter Bears A Striking Resemblance To Her Mother, But Did She Inherit Her Sense Of Humor?

Date February 1, 2019

Joy Behar – the popular American comedian, writer, and actress – managed to build a successful career, despite being a single parent.


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Joy Behar got divorced with her husband Joe Behar in 1982, with whom she lived together for around 17 years since marrying him in 1965. So, in the early 80s, the veteran co-host of The View ended up being a single mother. It was the turning point of her life, as she decided to connect her life with stand-up comedy.

Joy’s daughter is a copy of her mom

Joy Behar's daughter bears a striking resemblance to her mother, they are like two peas in a pod. But did she inherit her sense of humor and ambitions, as well?

According to Eve Behar’s official website, she is professionally involved with ceramics. Now, Joy’s daughter is doing studio practice at home in Sag Harbor and enjoys potting next to the beach, surrounded by beautiful nature. 

Joy Behar's daughter is a mother herself

On February 2011, Eve Behar welcomed a baby boy, whom she named Luca. Joy felt like the happiest person when she realized she is going to become a grandmother. Now, she tries to spend as much time with her grandson as possible.


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Joy Behar's daughter is indeed a carbon copy of her famous mother!

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