Nigella Lawson's Sweetest Tribute To Her First Husband, Who

Nigella Lawson's Sweetest Tribute To Her First Husband, Who Lost His Battle With Cancer 18 Years Ago


January 25, 2019 16:40 By Fabiosa

Nigella Lawson, the popular English journalist, broadcaster, and a TV personality, had brilliant relations with her first husband John Diamond, who passed away from the throat cancer in 1997.

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Besides the mutual understanding and pure happiness in the family life, the couple also had much in common in the professional sphere. It was reported that John played a major role in Nigella’s career by encouraging her to write and shaping her image makeover. By the way, he was the one who helped Nigella to become a culinary expert and release a book How To Eat.

John and Nigella were married for around five years and had two children together: a daughter Cosima and a son Bruno. But unfortunately, cancer took the life of her beloved husband.

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Now, Nigella Lawson makes a touching tribute to her first husband, who lost his battle with cancer 18 years ago. On her official Twitter account, Nigella remembered the moment they were together at the launch party for How To Eat and wrote she wishes she could be in his arms now.

Nigella Lawson still tries to cope with the loss:

When you see people lose their life young, it seems almost criminal. It's like treating that as if it didn't matter if you don't make the most of what is here... I feel that eating is so much about grabbing the moment.

Nigella Lawson lost her beloved husband to cancer 18 years ago, and now she is paying tribute in the sweetest way.

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