Sandra Dee And Bobby Darin's Son Dodd Is A Carbon Copy Of His Legendary Father

Date January 23, 2019

Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin welcomed their son Dodd Mitchell on December 16, 1961, in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood.

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Dodd’s parents once explained their decision to choose such an unusual name for their baby, saying they really liked the way it flowed with Darin, and the middle name was given in honor of mother’s press agent, Betty Mitchell.

Now, Bobby Darin's son Dodd is a carbon copy of his legendary father. By the way, he admits it himself. During one of the interviews, Dodd said he looks exactly like his dad:

He was this puffy little Italian guy and I can say that because I look like him.


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While talking about his dad, Dodd always says they had really special relationships with each other. He was going out of his way to spend as much time with his son as possible. He was such a caring father!

Bobby Darin has always shared his values, and never forgot where he came from: he was a kid from the Bronx, who overcome a lot of things, including poverty and medical limitations.

But unfortunately, he passed away when the boy was only twelve years old. Of course, it was a tragic experience, and he had to learn how to live without his dad.

Bobby Darin's son Dodd is, indeed, a carbon copy of his legendary father. Just look at how similar they are!

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