'The Bold And The Beautiful' Star Katherine Kelly Lang Hasn't Aged A Day Over 30 Years On Screen

Date April 5, 2019

There were lots of rumors about The Bold and the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang and the fact that she hasn't aged a day over her 30-year career on screen.

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Fans were wondering how is it possible to stay young and fresh throughout such a long period. Of course, people wanted to know whether there was a secret tip for the eternal youth, and how is it possible to achieve such a great look.

Truth is revealed

Unlike other celebrities, Katherine Kelly Lang doesn't hide the fact she's using cosmetic surgery which helped her to achieve the age-defying face.

During one of the interviews, she listed the procedures she had to do in order to look so fantastic.

Sometimes I do a little filler, sometimes I do a little Botox. I do all those things but I try really to stay natural and not do it all the time.

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Nevertheless, she accepts her age and says all people are beautiful.

Sometimes the doctor does go overboard and I'm like 'well I never want to do that again! At some point you have to age gracefully, and you have to accept that. You can't get rid of every line and wrinkle.

Katherine Kelly Lang reveals she has regular life while not working, and she even hates wearing make-up.

Despite undergoing plastic surgeries, she remained the same person as she was before, and believes the inner beauty is much more important.

The Bold and the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang looks the same as 30 years ago, and finally, she revealed the beauty secret to all the fans who were wondering what helps the star to look so beautiful.

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