Michael Jackson Once Made A Heart-Wrenching Confession In A Letter To His Bodyguard

Date March 11, 2019

Bill Bray, a former Los Angeles police officer, served as Michael Jackson’s longtime security chief.

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Besides having professional relations, Bill Bray and the King of Pop managed to become so close that the bodyguard became a father figure for the star.

Randy Taraborelli, the author of the biography Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness, called Bill Michael’s surrogate father.

Michael’s letter

Turned out, Michael Jackson once wrote a touching letter to his bodyguard Bill Bray, and now, it has become open to the public. It is put up for the auction and expected to be sold for $18,000.

The letter reveals Michael Jackson's bond with his bodyguard, who was like a father he never had. In the handwritten note, written in 1992, Jackson opens up about his traumatic childhood. The King of Pop revealed that his father Joe considered him only as a way to make money.

Joseph never ever had time for me, he only saw me as a way for him to make money.

Also, Michael wrote how much he loved and cherished Bill, who was like a father for him.

I don't know what would have happened to me if you were not around.

Joe Jackson and Michael had cold and distant relations. But fortunately, there was always his bodyguard, who was ready to support him at any moment.

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In a secret letter to his bodyguard Bill Bray, Michael Jackson opened up about his hard childhood and wrote how much he loved Bray, who was like a father he never had.

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