What Should We Expect From Season 3 Of 'The Good Doctor'? The Show's Creator Offers Some Intriguing Details

Date April 10, 2019 15:51

The Good Doctors finale shocked fans with storyline twists and numerous possibilities for the next season.


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Of course, millions of viewers are waiting for the next episodes and are eager to explore intriguing details of the main characters.

The American medical drama television series The Good Doctor is considered to be one of the most admired my viewers. By the way, it is based on the South Korean series of the same name.


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As we know, there were lots of mind-breaking situations during the finale. For example, in the last episodes, some characters changed their mind about how they perceive Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has autism and savant syndrome, and it demonstrates all hardships of fitting people with autism into society.

What to expect?

Fans keep asking questions about what should they expect from the third season of The Good Doctor. Finally, there is some information available for them as the shows' creator offered some intriguing details that allow us to jump into Season 3 for a while.

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For example, Shaun has a huge breakthrough in his personal life.

There were multiple, viable choices for who he would ask out for his first date. Lea was certainly an option. I think Lea is the one that most of us are rooting for the relationship,” said Shore. “But we like Carly and we like Claire, and they like Shaun and they accept Shaun. When [Carly] first came on the show, there was almost an instantaneous connection between her and Shaun in Season 1 and we got to explore her character when Shaun was working with her for a few episodes.

There will be some more romantic episodes, and there are some details available about it too.

They’re going to go out, they’re going to learn about each other. He’s going to learn about dating. She’s going to learn to look at dating in a different light,” said Shore. “We want to explore it slowly. I think one of the great things about this character is that little victories can be huge. We don’t want to get to the end of that story any faster than we need to. We want to explore all aspects of his social life. That’s a lot of what Season 3 is going to be about.

By the way, ABC has renewed The Good Doctor for a third season in February, and we are looking forward to seeing new episodes and to explore new intriguing details.

Season 3 of The Good Doctors is about to start soon, and people can’t wait to start watching it.

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