Sammy Davis Jr. Revealed Life-Changing Secret To His Son Mark When He Was Lying On A Deathbed

Date June 6, 2019 11:26

The legendary singer, musician, and dancer Sammy Davis Jr. was also a father of four children: daughter Tracey, and sons Manny, Jeff, and Mark.

He was officially married three times: with Loray White, May Britt, and Altovise Davis.

Family secret

Despite the fact that almost thirty years have passed since the moment Sammy Davis Jr. passed away at the age of 64, some details of his family life were unknown until recent times.

For example, it was reported that he brought up his secret love child as his adopted child.

Sammy Davis Jr. always told everybody that his son Mark was adopted. Nevertheless, it turned out that the real information was hidden for so many years.

While dying from throat cancer, Sammy Davis Jr. decided that it is the right time to tell the truth. So, he called Mark and opened up that he is his real son, not the adopted one.

You are my son.

These were one of his last words before the singer died of complications from throat cancer in 1990.

Nevertheless, the family secret turned out to be false. A few months later, the DNA results showed that it's not true.

Even though Sammy Davis Jr. was not Mark’s biological dad, he still considered singer to be his real father.