Royal Supporters Hit Back At Lady Colin Campbell After She Made Claims About The Queen’s First Night As Prince Philip’s Bride

Lady Colin Campbell is a British writer, TV and radio personality. She wrote three books about the royal family, including biographies of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.

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Lady Colin Campbell is a rather provocative personality. She sought fame on television by spreading ridiculous statements, claiming Princess Diana had an eating disorder.


Now, she is writing about Her Majesty's intimate life. Lady Colin Campbell claims her book is a window into the bedroom of Her Majesty and her husband.

Royal supporters are not satisfied with Lady Campbell’s statements and her new book. They claim she made everything up and just spreads rumors to become more popular.


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Paul Burrell, who worked as a butler at the royal family, said:

Anyone can make up these claims. You can only be a true, reliable witness to history if you are there. Lady Colin Campbell was none of those things. She is writing about our Head of State, our Head of Church, and someone who she does not know. She is writing about someone who she is not familiar with.


And added:

I stood beside her and lived with her for 11 years and I can tell you who the Queen is. She is a good, kind Christian lady, and she should not be defiled in this way because she is above that. She has earned our respect as a nation, and things like that should not be written.

We hope no false rumors about the royal family will be spread.

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