Shirley Temple's Childhood Friend Recalls Memories Of The Late Actress: "She Was Extremely Bright And Very, Very Talented"

Date August 17, 2018

Shirley Temple, the American actress, singer, and dancer, is probably the most popular child star in Hollywood. She died back in 2014 at the age of 85, but people all over the world still remember this legendary person.


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In the interview with the Closer Weekly, Shirley’s friends opened up details about her childhood and acting career.

Marilyn Granas, Shirley’s closest childhood pal, said she started training while being very small:

Mrs. Temple told my mother that she started training her when she was still in her crib. Her mother would say, ‘Sparkle, Shirley,’ and she would sparkle! She was extremely bright and very, very talented.


Nevertheless, Marilyn admits that Shirley didn’t have a normal childhood:

I did feel sorry for Shirley because her childhood was so unnatural. She didn’t get to go to public school. She didn’t have a lot of friends or get to do kid things, like ride bikes.

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Shirley enjoyed acting, and it was her whole life. Besides being a successful actress, Shirley managed to become a loving and devoted mother. During the exclusive interview with the Closer Weekly, her children talked about her.

The late star's daughter, Susan Black, said:

Being a wife and mom is the greatest of her achievements. We were shopping and travel buddies. We went many places together. She was one of my very best friends.


Her son, Charles Black Jr., said:

She was devoted and generous, and she could be a little stern if we didn’t behave. But she was also a lot of fun. Very inventive and imaginative. She was all about her children and her husband

Besides acting career, Shirley Temple was also active in the sphere of diplomacy and business. By the way, she was the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia as well as served as Chief of Protocol of the United States.


During the last moments of her life, Shirley Temple was surrounded by family and friends. She will always be remembered as a wonderful, bright, and talented person.

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Shirley Temple