Eric Braeden Talks About Moral In Hollywood: “I Realized I Did Make A Difference.”

Date May 22, 2018

Most people know Eric Braeden for playing Victor Newman in “The Young And The Restless” CBS sudser for more than 35 years. By the way, before taking this role, Eric didn’t even know what the soap is and thought it would be a short-time job.

© The Young and the Restless (1973) / Sony Pictures Television

Eric said:

Shortly after my interview for The Young and The Restless I was told they wanted me. I said I won’t sign for more than three months. I have been there now for 36 years.

In fact, his friend Dabney Coleman was the one who recommended him to work in a soap. After some time, Eric liked it so much he couldn’t stop. Even though there were some obstacles on his way, for example, the need to learn 62 pages of dialogue in just a day, he managed to overcome them all.

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© The Young and the Restless (1973) / Sony Pictures Television

Eric remembers one moment that changed his mind about acting and Hollywood in general. Once, he visited the supermarket opening and there were 15,000 people who just wanted to shake his hand. It was the day when Eric understood he makes a difference in people lives.


He said:

It recharged my batteries, because I realized that I did make a difference. A lot of people in Hollywood don't realize that what they do does make a difference in people's lives. They're entertained by it, and I cannot begin to tell you the testimonials after all these years. People call you from hospitals; people are dying and the last thing they want is a word from you.

He understood that people need him and they like his acting job. He added:

As a result, you are reminded of the basic religious ethics you grew up with. I was never serious about it, but one thing that did appeal to be about the whole Christian mythology was the idea of giving of yourself; of loving, if you want, a fellow human being and, primarily, someone who is in need. If you can overcome the cynicism, if you're intelligent and really think about this profession, you realize you're a part of something extremely important.


Eric’s favorite role in life is the one of the grandfather: He is a loving and devoted grandpa for two girls. He teaches them kindness and hopes they will grow up to be good people.

He said:

I hope they’ll learn from me the importance of being considerate and having empathy. I want them to understand how important it is to really listen to other people and respect them, even if they have different beliefs.

What an incredible person Eric Braeden is!

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